Unfortunately there are times when incidents occur. In the event of a spill incident, it could cause pollution to the land that can in turn find its way into the groundwater and the watercourses.  Aquasentry can assist in such instances by putting robust measures in place to remedy the situation should a pollution incident occur.

Remediation service

We start by carrying out a thorough land investigation and assess the potential risks to the environment caused as a result of the incident.  Once the investigatory work has been completed we would then implement specific pollution recovery systems designed to meet the remedial targets.  The length of works would be determined by the level and type of contamination.

Monitoring and testing plans are put in place to ensure that the remedial works are successful and, once completed and verified alongside the Site Model and Risk Assessment, a ‘Remediation Statement’ is submitted and approved for regulatory sign off.

Did you know

A leaking fuel line can result in thousands of litres of petrol contaminating groundwater, this can then lead to further pollution when the contamination reaches the nearest water source. Aside for the river clean-up , remediation of the groundwater is required to mitigate the residual risks to the watercourse. If the leak goes unnoticed for a period of time extracting fuel from the ground can become very costly.

For further details on our remediation service and to discuss plans and procedures that you can adopt to mitigate the risk of pollution of the land and watercourse please contact us.

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

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