We carry out Drain Camera Inspection surveys covering the whole of the UK. All surveys are carried out by fully trained engineers who will complete a detailed report.

During the survey we will be able to identify the following problems:

  • Fractured pipes - Pressure from above, such as a heavy vehicle driving over the ground, can cause cracks and fractures in your drainage pipes. Untreated, these will leak contents into the soil, which could result in further damage to the pipe or even subsidence. 
  • Collapsed drains - Can be caused by the drains being badly built in the first place or a variety of other reasons. If left, not only are blockages likely, but subsidence and environmental damage are possible. 
  • Tree roots - Roots seek out moisture so they can find their way through existing faults into the drains. Once the tree roots have entered the drain, other material will get caught in them, making blockages far more likely and frequent.

Our Surveys Include:

  • Digital recording: A Wincan DVD file of the survey and still images to highlight problems within the drainage.
  • Data sheets: Start and end point of survey - Pipe depth, size, material and length - Direction of survey, upstream or downstream - System type, foul, storm, combined or trade effluent - All connections and changes of direction on system - List of defects found including distance from start point of survey.
  • Site plan: Showing numbered manholes, rodding points, gullies and soil vent pipes - System layout including indication of direction of flow - Hard standings - Changes in landscape such as raised patios or steep inclines - Indication of system in respect to boundary lines, footpaths and roads.
  • Written report: Summary of the survey findings with recommendations for repair if required.

Full Manhole inspections can also be incorporated into the drainage survey, providing details of the overall condition of each manhole located on site.

We can assist with ISO14001 accreditation and provide ISO14001 drainage surveys and CAD drawings to support data requirement and current legislation.

For further information on our Drain Surveys service please contact us.

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

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