Did you know that 1 litre of oil/chemical spill can pollute up to 100 million litres of water courses.

In the event of a spill are you prepared to deal with it? As part of your plan you will need to ensure that you have the right equipment in order to be able to handle the incident.

Aquasentry Spill Response Kits are an essential piece of equipment for all types and sizes of business.
We provide a range of kits that feature ‘high performance’ absorbents along with the ancillary items needed to safely and effectively clean up in the event of any spill. Uniquely we also offer a range of premium absorbents manufactured from sustainable products to meet Environmental ISO14001 standards. When these products are used correctly you will ensure that any spill is dealt with effectively and safely.

Latest technology

Our products have an enviable record of being market leading, high performance kits using the latest technologies. Excellent research, development and quality control, has paid off with a unique range of products that are manufactured at consistently high quality levels.

Sustainable choices

Using high quality recycled natural or synthetic fibres, plus a combination of state-of-the-art technologies, we really have moved absorbents to the next level. 

If your business has an environmental policy or needs to comply with your customer’s environmental targets, choosing our absorbents can help. 

Managing your site is critical and, as such, being able to prevent a spill escaping is important. Do you have answers to the following questions:-

  • How do you approach it?
  • Do you have the right equipment?
  • Is it suitable for the liquids on site? (i.e. oils/chemicals/others)
  • Are your staff trained to use it?

Understanding the options

Why are some absorbent materials white or blue, some grey and some yellow? It’s a simple colour coding system, recognised throughout industry, to help you iden!fy which absorbent should be used to clean up different types of spills.

  • If a spill occurs indoors, use a grey Maintenance Absorbent to absorb both oil and water-based substances (technically referred to as hydrophilic).
  • In most cases, Oil Absorbents are best used outdoors to absorb just oil-based spills (technically referred to as hydrophobic). These products are white or blue in colour.
  • Chemical or toxic spills require tough inert Chemical Absorbents. These are yellow in colour. Chemical spills can be extremely hazardous and should not be cleaned up without the correct training and protective equipment.

At Aquasentry we supply a comprehensive range of absorbents, spill kits, bunded drum storage and drain mats for most hazardous liquids enabling you to respond to daily and emergency leaks, drips and spills of liquids on and around your site.

Download our latest brochure now or contact us for a printed copy.

Key Attributes

  • Absorbents

  • Spill kits

  • Drain mats

  • Bunded drum storage

Key Benefits

  • For every day drips and leaks

  • For emergency response to spills

  • To prevent spills going down the drain

  • To collect leaks from damaged drums

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

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