The Battery Powered Separator Monitor is supplied with a years battery life and a unique secure one-way radio protocol with over 4-billion addresses, rolling code and CRC check sum that ensures that wherever the equipment is installed it cannot interfere with any other equipment. You can have both GSM and email alerts, with it also being connected to the web interface.

The performance of all of Aquasentry’s products can be enhanced by the use of the wireless technology whether it be linking it another piece of equipment or using it to monitor and alert over large distances or zoned areas. It also helps to reduce risks from a Health & Safety and Environmental perspective.

How they work

The Control Unit continually monitors the condition of the probe units attached by checking their condition approximately every 30 minutes. The current status is then displayed via the LCD on the front of the unit. If an alarm condition is detected, a warning message is displayed. After the separator has been emptied and refilled with water, the control re-scans the probe sensors attached and presuming no alarm condition is detected ‘All Correct’ will be displayed.

Key Attributes

  • No civil works required

  • Radio Wave technology

  • Years + battery life

  • Unique Combinations

  • Ability to activate other systems

  • ATEX approved

Key Benefits

  • Minimises site disruption.

  • Signals transmitted over distances up to 1,000m

  • Long lasting monitoring capability

  • Multiple units can be installed on site

  • Activate several units simultaneously

  • Suitable for application in Zone 1 locations

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

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