Do you know that as little as one litre of oil, can pollute up to 100,000 litres of the water? Do you know that the fines associated to an oil spill can have lasting damaging effects to your business?

Separators capture oil, chemicals and silt and act as the final defence against polluting watercourses and sewage systems. If neglected, this can lead to an environmental pollution incident as well as the possibility of a prosecution and a subsequent combination of fines and clean-up/remediation costs.

The Aquasentry alarm range provides accurate monitoring for high oil and liquid levels in addition to measuring the build-up of silt within your interceptor. They provide a warning system which alerts you of potential pollution incidents, enabling you to meet the Environment Agency’s stringent guidelines relating to interceptors, their monitoring and upkeep. All units meet the stringent legislation relating to explosive atmosphere and have received ATEX approval.

They are compatible for retrospective fitting to existing installations and new installations and can be mains, battery or solar powered.

Only emptying the separator when indicated by the alarm rather than regular planned servicing reduces emissions, waste disposal and environmental costs.

The separator monitors come with a range of alert options including sounders, beacons, text messages and email. These systems can then be connected to your BMS providing complete control of your site. They can also be linked to our online monitoring system allowing monitoring of many sites from one central location.

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

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