The DrainStopper™ is a multi inflationary bladder unit which is activated by an airline.  It is designed to contain pollutants, oil spills and firewater run off challenges on site in the event of an incident.  It provides a cost effective solution when compared against other market items such as penstocks and mechanical gates with significantly less maintenance required.

The DrainStopper™ is ideal for sites of potential low usage that have drains up to 18” (450mm) with low heads of water.  It seals with the flow as opposed to against and its bladder valve is flexible for awkward shaped discharge points or where access to the drain for a conventional valve system would require significant civil works. 

The DrainStopper™ is suitable for use in an emergency situation and can be activated manually via push button, remote by text message, automated through the fitting one or all of pH, turbidity, odour sensors or linked to your fire alarm for immediate remote closure.

The DrainStopper™ can be retrospectively fitted to drainage system where required.


Key Attributes

  • Power options

  • Manual, remote, automated

  • Reactive use

  • Retro fit

Key Benefits

  • Mains

  • Multiple activation methods

  • Use in emergency

  • Minimal civil works required

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

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