Posted By Stuart Pointer on 21st February, 2012

What can you do to alleviate drought

As the South of England faces the worst drought since the summer of 1976 many questions are being asked how we can all contribute to the conservation of our water resources.

Hose pipe bans are already being considered and the farming industry has raised concerns on a lack of water causing an unhealthy crop.

The government and organisations are looking at ways in which the impact of this drought can be reduced with many investigating alternative, short and long term solutions.
Individuals can make a difference:

  • Take a short shower and not a bath
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Water the plants with a watering can and not a hose pipe
  • Only use the washing machine and dishwasher when full.

Individually these small changes can make a big difference, not only to the conservation of water but also to the cost of your water bills.

Commercially there are many things that can be done and the installation of a Rainwater Harvesting System is an extremely effective way to reduce water consumption. The building industry is already starting to tackle the longer term problem, by installing rainwater harvesting tanks in new build developments in both residential and commercial ventures. This system provides excellent use of rainwater in grey water utilities.

Interestingly states that “Business owners can claim 100% tax relief on rainwater harvesting systems under the enhanced capital allowance scheme as long as the product is approved on the water technologies list and a typical domestic rain harvesting system can yield up to 70% of the non-potable water needs of an average family of 4, with a typical pay back period of 3 years”

When we consider the benefits of water conservation it makes sense to make the changes now. Some water providers state that the if usage continues at its existing rate then water shortages and restrictions could become a permanent fixture in some parts of the UK.

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