The Experts

Since 1986, Aquasentry has been successfully developing and manufacturing a
range of innovative products. These are designed to prevent pollution, control spillages and conserve the environment effectively and reliably.

As an established leader in the supply and installation of pollution prevention, conservation and spill control technologies, we believe that saving money is just as important as environmental compliance. You can be assured that our proposals are environmentally friendly as well as economically effective.


European legislation states ‘If the spillage goes into the water network, then any costs incurred by the Environment Agency, will be recovered from the polluter’. Known as the POLLUTER PAYS POLICY.

We work alongside the Environmental Authorities so all our products are fully compliant with the latest legislation, codes of practice and guidelines that are vital for companies looking to ensure EA compliance.


In the event of a spill you have to also pay the ongoing costs to restore the water source back to its natural habitat. You may also need to undertake site restoration to get your
business back to working form. Can you afford the time and expense of an out of control spill?


Aquasentry are here to find you a cost effective solution. Contact one our our expert team to find out how we can help you.