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Increasingly, legislation on oil storage and new guidelines from the Environment Agency put the responsibility for handling and storage of liquids firmly with the organisation handling them.

Aquasentry will send a team of expert professionals to carry out a Site Survey, which will assess the risk of spillage, prevention and control. The site is inspected to identify liquids, how and where they are stored and used, where the leak or spill is occurring or likely to occur and what hazards these spillages present to your company, its workforce, and the environment.

Assessments include the evaluation of:

  • Site drainage
  • The types of liquid on site
  • Bulk liquid storage and secondary containment
  • Drummed liquid storage and secondary containment
  • Liquid loading, unloading and transportation procedures
  • Liquid spillage in process
  • Waste liquid handling
  • Training of operatives

Recommendations will be made in a written report on management practices, state of the fixed storage and bunding, spillage control equipment and spillage response training. Offering solutions as well as observations the report is often helpful in the ISO 14000 Environmental Standard process.

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