Do you carry out servicing of the unit?

How far can the control panel be set from the valve?

Do you offer a commissioning only service?

How long will the bladder stay inflated?

What is the minumum size of the Unibund?

Can the unit be connected to a BMS unit?

Can you give examples of projects you have worked on in the past?

Please could you explain the general operation of the interceptor alarms?

How many probes can be used on the interceptor alarm?

What PPG does this product relate to?

What kind of warranty is supplied with your kit?

What power options are avail for the unit?

Can this bund be fitted around existing tanks?

Can the BWCU be used in Zone 0 conditions?

Can we install this product ourself?

Is the unit intrisically safe?

What kind of HDPE Liner is used on the unit?

What is the bladder made from?

What are the operating pressures?

Do you advise on a dewatering product for the bund?

What is the comparable cost of the unit in comparision to brick built bunds?

Can the unit be decommissioned and reinstalled?

What is the flow rate/ head of the pump used on the BWCU?

What is the minimum size of the sump needed for the bund water control unit?

What is PPM (parts per million) output of the BWCU?