A national mobile phone network company with diesel-fed back-up generators for their mobile telephone exchanges (MTX’s) needed to upgrade their diesel oil storage installations to conform to the Oil Storage Regulations (2001).

Following an assessment of the site, the following was discovered:-

  • No oil spill response procedure in place
  • No drainage plans in place to identify where oil would go if a spill occurred
  • Some storage tanks had valves and fill points situated in hazardous places
  • A number of tanks were situated close to surface water drains
  • Pipe work was situated below ground

Problems identified were prioritised into those that require immediate attention, require attention over the next 12 months,  require attention whenever practicable, and those that require ongoing monitoring.
Aquasentry Solution provided:

  • Environmental assessments with recommendations were provided for each site
  • Unbunded tanks were bunded with the Unibund secondary containment system and installed with the appropriate liner
  • Hazardous fill points and low level valves on self bunded tanks were moved or removed and overfill alarms were installed
  • Pipe work was repositioned above ground so any leaks could be immediately detected
  • Drainage and spill response plans were implemented
  • Bespoke spill kits provided for each site and personnel trained and certified in their use.


Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

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