An international airbase with multiple outfalls on site that stores bulk fuel such as heating oil, diesel and aviation fuel, needed to install systems that could contain all contaminants on site in the event of a spill.

The following issues were identified:

  • Danger of contaminated firewater run off leaving site and polluting watercourses 
  • Underground separator tanks should be monitored for excessive water, oil and silt levels 
  • Bunded areas full of rain water, therefore unable to contain spills 
  • No spill plan in place

Solution Provided:

  • Installation of 13 FlapStoppers  (solar and mains powered) complete with a bespoke computer operated monitoring station, which can close off drains at the touch of a button to stop contaminated firewater runoff from entering drains and polluting watercourses. The system can close one unit, a batch of units or all units simultaneously
  • Installation of Separator Alarms to monitor the water, oil and silt level within the underground separator tanks
  • Installation of Bund Water Control Units with the capability to distinguish between hydrocarbon and water, therefore enabling the bund to be emptied of rainwater, whilst containing any hydrocarbons for safe and cost effective removal
  • Spill Response Plan provided
  • Environmental Assessment carried out to identify site requirements
  • Poly Lab trays used to store all drums and ensure safety
  • New Self bunded tanks installed
  • High Level alarms installed
  • Overfill alarms installed
  • Spill Kits used as protective measures
  • Spill training and plans

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

Get in touch with one of the team to discuss your requirements

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