Minstry of Defence

A Ministry of Defence site had previously installed Aquasentry equipment and needed an upgrade in the technology to reduce the reliance on individuals to deal with potential spill.


Initially a full Environmental Assessment was carried out in order to identify the site’s requirements.

Following the environmental assessment, and its subsequent results, Aquasentry installed a range of pollution prevention equipment across the MOD base. Web Based Separator/Interceptor Alarms and Bund Water Control Units were installed, commissioned and any need for replacement kit was incorporated into the 12-month on-site warranty. This web automated system means that multiple people have access to the site pollution control equipment and can mange the sites security from remote locations when alerted to a spill risk.

Since completing the first phase of the works, Aquasentry currently undertakes a yearly maintenance/ service contract on the systems to ensure they continue to perform to their optimum level.

Aquasentry provided:

  • Bund Water Control Unit

  • Separator/Interceptor Alarms

  • GSM Receiver Panels

  • Maintenance Contract