Electricity Distributer

A series of UK national electricity distributors embarked on a site-by-site upgrade programme across sites in the UK.  Aquasentry has worked  across a number of UK locations to enable site by site compliance.


Our team of experts carried out a full Environmental Assessment to identify site requirements. The main areas noted were Oil Containment program, issues with the dewatering of their bunds, and ineffective monitoring of their below ground separators.

Following the assessment all kit was installed to meet the requirements of the contract over a 5 year period which including the lining of both new and existing bunds on site. Bund Water Control Units were commissioned and a 12-month on-site warranty was issued on all kit installed. On completion of the project certification was issued to the client to meet their requirements.


Aquasentry products supplied

  • Bund Water Control Units

  • Interceptor/Separator Alarms

  • Bund Lining

  • Unibund